About us


Justintrans was born in 2019 with the firm conviction that in the transportation sector there are many aspects to improve, many opportunities to take advantage of, and different outputs to offer clients.

After years of technological development and business growth, Justintrans is in a leading position in terms of technological innovation in our sector, and is clearly and forcefully committed to the “0 role” objective, or in other words, working to minimize the use of work methods that pose obstacles and costs for our clients, and which, in unison, prevent transparent traceability of operations.

Eduard Garrido CEO de Justintrans

Logistics efficiency

We strive to continually optimize our operations to offer fast and reliable transportation service. Efficiency in logistics is essential to meet deadlines and reduce costs for our clients.


Our main mission is to guarantee the safety of cargo and people on each of our trips. We comply with the highest safety standards and promote a culture of caution and responsibility.

Open communication

We encourage open and honest communication with our clients. We value transparency in our operations and are committed to keeping everyone informed about the status of their shipments.


Company Mission

Justintrans has been working daily and for years to provide the sector with technological development that transportation needs to continue progressing. We focus on ensuring that the perception and output that the client receives is as complete as possible.

In an environment full of opportunities, we focus on everything that entails innovation, and, therefore, full customer satisfaction is achieved.

Accompanying us from the beginning, ethics in transportation it has always been our project flag. Under this premise, we are heading towards a social environment in which we assume the challenge of playing a responsive role with our environment, and in that, we have a lot to say.